About Our Coffee


All of our fine coffees come from high altitude regions in Brazil known for producing specialty grade coffee beans. On this map, you will notice a white circle where most of Brazil's specialty grade coffee beans are grown and processed.

Specialty Coffee is a relative term defining coffee that meets a certain criteria according the the Specialty Coffee Association. To meet this criteria, the coffee must be gown in regions with ideal climates and conditions and score over 80 points on a scale from 1 - 100. The score is to be determined by a professional Q - Grader who often has to test 150 cups of coffee everyday.

Compared to regular coffee, specialty coffees display natural flavors that are much richer and vibrant and tend to vary slightly from harvest to harvest. We partner with companies that work extensively with ​specialty quality beans and manage to keep these delicious flavors at high levels of consistency.

Brazilian Gold Coffee uses customized light and medium roast, which contain more caffeine and bring out the vibrant, natural flavors of the beans. Dark roasts may bring about greater consistency, but also take away the unique flavors of the bean and for this reason are often used as a cover up for low quality.

After months of drinking specialty coffee we discovered that despite their caffeine, we experienced little or no coffee jitters. This may be due the fact that our coffees are free from impurities.

As always, we welcome any comments and suggestion you have for us in our quest to continuously find the best varieties of coffee in Brazil and bring them to you. Let us know what you think of our coffee.

Also, be sure to check below the Coffee Taster's Flavor Wheel used for determining the taste of specialty coffee.

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