Our Story


Josh Jordan, co-founder of Brazilian Gold Coffee, has been an avid traveler to Brazil for over a decade. In 2008, he made his first trip to São Paulo, Brazil to work with a church in the slums, Casa de Jesus, that feeds, educates, and cares for impoverished families and children. Josh was surprised how embracing the local people were of him, always sharing with him great food and hot coffee, even on a blazing hot day.

Before returning home, he spent three days in Santos Brazil, where he had his first experience with an unbelievably good Brazilian expresso. He was shocked at how good a cup of coffee could taste. When he returned to America, he began to crave the coffee which he could only find in Brazil. Josh saved up money for his trips to bring backs loads of coffee for himself and his friends to drink. The bags always seemed to disappear too fast.

At the suggestion of his Step Father and Co-Founder Paul Van Hoesen, he began searching for the best Brazilian beans and how to properly roast them to provide excellent tasting coffee like he experienced in Brazil. This gave Josh the idea of bringing great Brazilian Coffee into the United States for people who could not afford to travel or purchase expensive Brazilian Coffee.


Established in 2020 from this desire to bring great Brazilian coffee to the American doorstep, we are continually searching out the tastiest coffees Brazil has to offer. We want to provide you with some of the richest coffee that you will drink here in the United States.

Our dreams for the future are to offer a wide variety of outstanding coffees at an affordable price. We want to introduce you to coffees with such incredible quality that you will question if what you have been drinking for so many years is really coffee at all. We are in close contact with some of Brazil's top specialty coffee producers whose fermented, honey processed, and exotic coffees are out of this world, ranking above 86 points on the SCA scale.

Brazilian Gold Coffee also has a humanitarian heart. We work with companies committed to bettering the lives and the land of the famers and their communities. They do this in such ways as offering free education, tools for better profit from the land, and a good pay. Specialty coffee requires years of work and care on the part of the families who own these beautiful farms.


In our journey to find and sell specialty grade quality coffee, we discovered an intriguing fact. People who care most about the quality of coffee, in the end care most about the lives who make great coffee possible. Specialty grade coffee requires extra care for the land, the plants, and especially for the people who attentively look over every detail of the process. These farms are often family owned. Family traditions of caring for the plants are passed down and perfected through the generation. Each generation adds new innovations to the process, which often produces tastier, healthier, and more complex specialty coffee beans.

In Brazilian culture, coffee is one of the main ways for friends and families to pause and enjoy the moment with each other. When taking a pause, why not treat yourself and others to something of truly high quality. It's a great way to start a conversation, a writing session, or motivate you in whatever it is your heart wishes to accomplish.